Our factory has been specially designed and built accordingly to the standards of safety and temperature that our product requires in every single process level, assuring the slow and right maturity of fish in order to get the best and most equilibrated parameters of flavour, colour, texture, appearance and aroma.

CANTABRICUM is committed with a system that finally has Total Quality - QUALITY IN ROW MATERIALS and QUALITY THROUGH THE WHOLE ELABORATION PROCESS - based on advanced, exhaustive and demanding controls, which pursue the obtaining of the healthiest and most refined products while accomplishes with specification techniques and demanding laws. For that purpose, we relay on our own R & D & I lab that allows us to have control not only in every single stage of production process but also in researching new possibilities to improve innovation.

As we are conscious of the importance of innovation we have a complete and automate traceability system that guarantees knowledge of history and the origin of every single anchovy. It permits us to provide consumers with all the necessary information of product and its process by placing it in every tin and jar.

Avant-garde, Handcraft, Innovation, Tradition, Quality Control and Love are the main premises that our experimented operators and wise craftsmen apply in every stage of production to ensure the product totally fulfils customers needs and wants.